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Mayer, Cardew
& Other Tributes

This installation was a first sketch into my visual research¹ on the multiple relationships between music and the visual arts, inspired by my two ever-favorite musicians (my grandfather and my father) and meant as a tribute to them and all the other music makers throughout the globe who have shaped me into who I am today: Mayer, Cardew, and many more.

The work was tackled through very analytical and measured methods, modeling symetrically and mathematically – much like when music composing or instrument manufacturing – in order to build a set of several pentagrams which represent the process of matching sounds simultaneously and successively with order, balance and proportion in time.

It was a first attempt of hopefully many to come into translating fundamental elements of music and music notation (pitch, duration, timbre, volume, intensity, rhythmn…) into something visual, whilst experimenting with sound and vibration on different materials and digging deeper into synesthesia and other more personal approaches to the experience of music itself.


When installed outdoors and correctly the contact microphones amplify and record the sound and vibration of the plaster leaves against the cupper strings as they are moved by the wind and/or manipulated by other ambient factors.

¹ Find the theoretical research in my book Musikalische Grafik. Die Beziehung(en) zwischwen Musiknotation und den bildenden Künsten at the KHB library.

​Graduation Project

Installation / Mixed media. 2019